Denver Through My Eyes

In the summer of 2018, three projects came together to create a body of work that showcased the photography and videography of middle and high school students from the Denver area who are concerned with the accelerated changes taking place in their neighborhoods. The goal was to broker a conversation between young people and policy makers. Once the student’s had completed their works, I was brought in to consult about the details of exhibition practices and working in the spatial constraints. The committee was also in need of a graphic designer, and I created the promotional materials along with the marketing graphics, title, and object labels. The overall decision was to host the exhibit for a one day display and dialogue in the Wellington Webb Municipal Building. The concept was to bring the art and the artists to the decision makers. Using easels, iPads, tables, and large paper pads, we created an exhibition space that invited conversation and contemplation of current issues facing Denver youth.

October 23, 2018

Link to the News9 video: Watch Video



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